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A1TranscriptionsThe below two paragraphs describe different works which are performed in our day to day life. The first paragraph describes about the audio typist, what are the works that are performed by them. It firstly defines the services about what actually the works they need to perform and how they handle the work. It also focuses on the works done during the interview processes. It describe about the entire process that is taking place while doing the work. Along with it also discusses about the skill that they possess and how fluently they carry out their work. It describes about the works in which they are specialized. It also describes about all the things that need to be mentioned in their CV. The second paragraph helps us to understand about the services of converting the sound which is recorded into the text document. It describes about the qualities that are needed in that work. It describes what actually the service provides to and how these works helps the blind people.

An Audio Typist is the one who specializes in typing text from the audio source which they listen. In other words audio typist are ones who from the recording on the tape- recorder etc. The source is recorded in the microcassettes created by someone and is dictated into a Dictaphone. The Audio Typist must have the skills of typing at the high speed without looking at the keyboard as they are not allowed to do so. Audio typists are asked to mention their speed in words per minute in their CV and are asked to demonstrate while the interview process. An audio typist is the one who looks at the monitor or any waiting areas while typing and their typing speed also must be high. A specialist player called a micro cassette transcriber is used in A1Transcriptions for playback of the cassettes to maximize the typing speed. Along with this skill they will quote their speed in words per minute on their CV and may be asked to demonstrate their speed and accuracy of this skill as a part of the interview or application process.

Audio to text is used to translate the recorded speech or words into text document. Audio to text is the service where the person converting the recorded words into speech must have high speed in typing. While converting audio to text the person is not allowed to look at the keyboard .They must have the skill of typing without seeing on the keyboard and with high speed. In audio to text the sounds are recorded in the microcassettes and dictated through the Dictaphone. These services from a1transcriptions may be helpful to the blind people as they can earn good money through this job. This job is much in demand as it easy to work and comfortable and is helpful for those who want the part time job. In a1transcriptions it requires a good hand on the keyboard so that the number of words per minute can increase and the work can be done speedily and efficiently.