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cropped-a1transcriptions02.jpgA1Transcriptions provides transcription services that allow a user to send audio files and have them transcribed, proofread and returned to the user via email or ftp.

They maintain high standards in speed, accuracy and client privacy and they ensure that their service to their client is completely satisfactory.

They provide transcription services for Australians and overseas clients in all the professions, including lawyers, universities, doctors and market research companies. They encourage clients to contact them for specific answers to any questions regarding any transcription needs.

Their company has been running for last five years successfully and the owner has over 25 years legal experience in a transcription department.

The main methodology of their business is to provide a high quality product and affordable service for their clients across any where any time.

They can transcribe from CD, DVD, all digital audio files, standard cassettes, micro and mini tapes. They are available 24/7.Professionals from all the industries need to have the best audio to text services and transcription. A1Transcriptions provides its clients with the best conversion of the spoken word to correct printed documents. They have been providing their services for over 6 years now and have become the most preferred company for transcriptions in Australia and other places. They have clients spanning throughout Australia and even from around the world. Anyone can count on them to take any form of audio the client might have and convert it to a viable and helpful and correct written file through email and file transfer protocol.

They provide the best in audio to text for industries. They have special technology that listens to every word and accurately transcribe it to the documents clients might be looking for.

When any client has an audio file that need to be in text, then client need great transcription. They provide their clients with the help they are looking for to convert any type of audio to text. They provide high quality transcription so clients are getting exactly what they need. The client can count on their transcriptionists to provide the accuracy and quality clients might be looking for.

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