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An audio typist is a professional who is responsible for creating the typed documents from a recorded sound or a dictated voice. The typist either uses a cassette player or special software in the computer. Some of the common job responsibilities of the audio typist are copy typing, filing and general administration. The other name of audio typists is transcriptionists. Useful information is stored in a computer or printed in it after the converting the recorded voice into typed documents. The principle of the job of such a profession is to transform audio to text.

How to make the job of the typist simple

The sound file is obtained from the micro-cassette. The recorder used for digital dictation coms with a foot pedal or a headset. This makes the job of the typist simpler and it is convenient to type. The headset is of great significance because it helps to reduce external noise thereby preventing any sort of distraction. The foot pedal also helps in the simplification of the audio to text process by fast forwarding the audio cassette or to rewind it. Larger firms may ask the professional to even file the documents but small form can also employ you for performing secretarial duties.

In order to make you eligible for digital dictation services you should have skill in typing and should be a fast typist. It is also important for your typing to be accurate. It is essential computer knowledge for this job. It is a flexible job and you can even work for other individuals beyond the office hours. A transcriptionist also makes an efficient use of language arts and a research. The professional is responsible for understanding the meaning behind the words that are used in a conversation. This job also done requires the skills of literacy. These are used in meetings and sessions.