a1transcriptionsFor past few months I am searching for the best transcription service because as I am a doctor I need proper transcription services of my treatments. And when I get to know about A1 Transcriptions and when I take the services by them it’s a best transcription service I ever get in my career. The service of transcription is very helpful and beneficial for me to know the exact reports of treatments and surgeries. The quality of transcription and the clarity of sound analyzer are so perfect that I get the exact readings of reports. The services provided by them are also very efficient ant fast.

I saw that they are reliable as well as they are skilled and professional about the area of work. On showing the hard work of the members and expert suggestions they provide is also helpful for me as time efficient and cost beneficiary for me. By expert suggestion they also provide me the ideas regarding the design and the services they provide on-time and also in budget. The best ever transcription services I ever experienced with lots of clarity and preciseness. The focus and determination work by the team of A1 Transcriptions is making the site to another level. As by my experience I strongly recommend to do business with them and the dedication capability of transcription I do again business with them. The transcription services are many but the services I get through by this company is somewhat take this company to another level. The dedication, the boost and the team work they show on work make the project time efficient and the expert suggestion they provide is also very beneficial in terms of cost effectiveness. I am just surprised by seeing the work they do by the neatness and up to mark without wasting and time consume. The focus of work and the quality of work is highly influencing for A1 Transcriptions. The team which A1 Transcriptions provides is also certified and the expert professional itself do and design the project as per order given by me on time.

I highly appreciate the work and skill applied behind the transcription and I am impressed by the minutely taking care of the quality in digital dictation which makes the clarity of words as an efficient and accurate transcriptions. As I require many a times a exact reports of the audio sounds but before dealing with A1 Transcriptions I get many problems then I have to consult with my seniors about the preciseness of report but by dealing with A1 Transcriptions I work hassle free with getting very good results. The technology make my work to easier by which I get a great interest now in my work too because now I can make reports with specific and clear. I highly recommend to everyone that at least has once an experience by them I really enjoyed the services provided by them by such a skilled and tactful team members of A1 Transcriptions at a very nominal prices.

A1 Transcriptions is a perfect solution to get perfect and precise transcriptions. The transcriptions are designed by highly skilled professionals and tested with great efforts.


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A1TranscriptionsThe below two paragraphs describe different works which are performed in our day to day life. The first paragraph describes about the audio typist, what are the works that are performed by them. It firstly defines the services about what actually the works they need to perform and how they handle the work. It also focuses on the works done during the interview processes. It describe about the entire process that is taking place while doing the work. Along with it also discusses about the skill that they possess and how fluently they carry out their work. It describes about the works in which they are specialized. It also describes about all the things that need to be mentioned in their CV. The second paragraph helps us to understand about the services of converting the sound which is recorded into the text document. It describes about the qualities that are needed in that work. It describes what actually the service provides to and how these works helps the blind people.

An Audio Typist is the one who specializes in typing text from the audio source which they listen. In other words audio typist are ones who from the recording on the tape- recorder etc. The source is recorded in the microcassettes created by someone and is dictated into a Dictaphone. The Audio Typist must have the skills of typing at the high speed without looking at the keyboard as they are not allowed to do so. Audio typists are asked to mention their speed in words per minute in their CV and are asked to demonstrate while the interview process. An audio typist is the one who looks at the monitor or any waiting areas while typing and their typing speed also must be high. A specialist player called a micro cassette transcriber is used in A1Transcriptions for playback of the cassettes to maximize the typing speed. Along with this skill they will quote their speed in words per minute on their CV and may be asked to demonstrate their speed and accuracy of this skill as a part of the interview or application process.

Audio to text is used to translate the recorded speech or words into text document. Audio to text is the service where the person converting the recorded words into speech must have high speed in typing. While converting audio to text the person is not allowed to look at the keyboard .They must have the skill of typing without seeing on the keyboard and with high speed. In audio to text the sounds are recorded in the microcassettes and dictated through the Dictaphone. These services from a1transcriptions may be helpful to the blind people as they can earn good money through this job. This job is much in demand as it easy to work and comfortable and is helpful for those who want the part time job. In a1transcriptions it requires a good hand on the keyboard so that the number of words per minute can increase and the work can be done speedily and efficiently.

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a1transcriptionsIn a crowded field, transcription agencies are vying with each other to catch client attention because the distinction between the qualities of service rendered by each has so become wafer skinny. In such a situation, and thru repeat patronage because the sign of final trust, customers have given the thumbs up to Transcription wave, a claim that may be statistically verified. Go right ahead and take count:

Nuance care offers outsourced transcription services: shade Transcription Services, A full-service outsourced resolution for clinical documentation as well as technology and every one speech written material, QA, and transcription progress management. Transcription services continued loyalty has been the point of reference of our success, providing total client satisfaction each and each time they sign up for our transcription services. The shoppers would like solely to easily transfer the specified audio for transcription services to our server to line the ball rolling.

Digital dictation may be a methodology of recording and written material the vocable in period of time. The recording is finished by the utilization of a digital recorder.  Digital dictation provides the power to report on the amount or kind of dictation and transcription outstanding or completed at intervals a company. Digital dictation audio are often recorded in varied audio file formats. Mainly digital dictation systems utilize a lossy method of audio compression supported modeling of the vocal tract to reduce magnetic disc house and optimize network utilization as files are transferred between users. Digital dictation is completely different from Speech Recognition wherever audio is analyzed by pc victimisation speech algorithms in an endeavor to transcribe the document.

A a1transcriptions is a name of any product. There are many differing kinds of a1transcriptions, and lots of edges related to having a decent one; owing to this, businesses pay plenty of your time and energy selecting them. Even the most effective a1transcriptions won’t translate into another culture although; therefore corporations could opt to localize a reputation after they enter a market in another country. There is a spread of stigmatization methods, as well as creating families of merchandise beneath one whole or selecting completely different a1transcriptions for merchandise from an equivalent company. Whole a1transcriptions is often created from concerning any word or series of letters.

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cropped-a1transcriptions02.jpgA1Transcriptions provides transcription services that allow a user to send audio files and have them transcribed, proofread and returned to the user via email or ftp.

They maintain high standards in speed, accuracy and client privacy and they ensure that their service to their client is completely satisfactory.

They provide transcription services for Australians and overseas clients in all the professions, including lawyers, universities, doctors and market research companies. They encourage clients to contact them for specific answers to any questions regarding any transcription needs.

Their company has been running for last five years successfully and the owner has over 25 years legal experience in a transcription department.

The main methodology of their business is to provide a high quality product and affordable service for their clients across any where any time.

They can transcribe from CD, DVD, all digital audio files, standard cassettes, micro and mini tapes. They are available 24/7.Professionals from all the industries need to have the best audio to text services and transcription. A1Transcriptions provides its clients with the best conversion of the spoken word to correct printed documents. They have been providing their services for over 6 years now and have become the most preferred company for transcriptions in Australia and other places. They have clients spanning throughout Australia and even from around the world. Anyone can count on them to take any form of audio the client might have and convert it to a viable and helpful and correct written file through email and file transfer protocol.

They provide the best in audio to text for industries. They have special technology that listens to every word and accurately transcribe it to the documents clients might be looking for.

When any client has an audio file that need to be in text, then client need great transcription. They provide their clients with the help they are looking for to convert any type of audio to text. They provide high quality transcription so clients are getting exactly what they need. The client can count on their transcriptionists to provide the accuracy and quality clients might be looking for.

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a1transcriptionsIn this era of innovation and development in technology it is quite obvious that anything is possible in an easy way. Computers and softwares are the main tools of the progress in technology. Everything in our day to day life is somewhat dependent on the computers and its softwares. It reduces the manual efforts and makes the work easy and less complicated.

One of the most important progresses in technology is the concept of audio transmission done with the help of computers and its softwares. An audio typist is referred as a person who listens to an audio recording and converts it into a text document. It is the job of the audio typist to convert the recording successfully and deliver it to the clients. Many organizations and companies hire an audio typist to convert various businesses related audio recordings to simply typed text documents. The audio typist should possess the appropriate grasping skills to complete the job on time. The A1 Transcriptions Company provides transcription services which are popular nowadays as it is a process of converting audio files to text files using softwares. The transcription method is widely used on a large scale across the world. Transcription using software makes it easy to reduce the manual efforts needed to convert audio files manually. Many other companies across the world are involved in the transcription services.

One of the most preferred methods used by the people are digital dictation which is a good method of recording and editing the spoken word in the real-time. In this process, a digital recorder is used to record the voice to be converted. Digital dictation is far more advanced and convenient than analog dictation as it saves time and it is accurate. Using digital dictation method, the audio files can be converted into many file formats like WAV, WMA and MP3. The digital dictation method offers high speed and good quality audio files which can prove useful for many purposes. The A1 Transcriptions Company website is indeed very useful and provides a trusted and the best quality of service.

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Great Solution for Your Audio Files with the Help of Transcription Services


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Day by day advanced technology is bringing lots of things to the hand of the several sectors especially in office work. Actually in that early day people have to make a written document for any specific meeting to give the idea about this in front of the others. Now people can simply send their audio representation in front of the others without any manipulation. If you are looking for this special service then take a look on the next section and get details about this.


Yes if you want to send an audio document to the others then you can get best solution from the Transcription. It is a special service with the help of which you can get the conversion of audio file into a text. Special part of this system is that; it can arrange best Audio to Text service for your business or for your office. This service is special for doctors, lawyers, schools, universities and for many other institutions.


So if you want to get help from this service then first of all you need to send your audio tapes to this service then you can get that in the form of DVDs, audio files, CDs, standard cassettes, mini tapes or any other documents. In fact from the digital dictation you can get best printing of your spoken words. Therefore if you want to get best audio solution for your business and for that purpose you just have to contact with them online and get best audio text solution.


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With more and more requirements for the transcription services, it is difficult to find the one as per our need. The service that is prompt as well as deliver the accurate work and maintains client’s security must be chosen to ensure you get the best return for the money you are investing for your transcription services.

Check out for the best Audio Typist

Looking for the best transcription service that will allow you to have audio to text transcription done and get them proofread and delivered online? You can have your digital dictation’s transcription done in the most accurate way in speedy manner and client’s privacy is given the utmost importance. The professionals across all industries need the best audio typists who could convert the audio format into the digital format without missing any of the important information.  The experienced and trained typists listen to every word carefully and get that transcribed accurately into the document form that the clients are looking for.

The audio files that needed transcribed could be sent in any format- CD, DVD, digital audio files, mini tapes, standard cassettes or anything else but at the end you get what you want. Not only you get the best transcription done for the digital dictation but you have the most competitive price in the industry. Only an experienced audio typist could ensure flawless transformation of the audio dictation into a reliable document or printable form. For all types of industry, you get best audio typist to provide the best transcription job done at the most affordable price.

Know the Roles and Responsibilities of an Audio Typist


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An audio typist is a professional who is responsible for creating the typed documents from a recorded sound or a dictated voice. The typist either uses a cassette player or special software in the computer. Some of the common job responsibilities of the audio typist are copy typing, filing and general administration. The other name of audio typists is transcriptionists. Useful information is stored in a computer or printed in it after the converting the recorded voice into typed documents. The principle of the job of such a profession is to transform audio to text.

How to make the job of the typist simple

The sound file is obtained from the micro-cassette. The recorder used for digital dictation coms with a foot pedal or a headset. This makes the job of the typist simpler and it is convenient to type. The headset is of great significance because it helps to reduce external noise thereby preventing any sort of distraction. The foot pedal also helps in the simplification of the audio to text process by fast forwarding the audio cassette or to rewind it. Larger firms may ask the professional to even file the documents but small form can also employ you for performing secretarial duties.

In order to make you eligible for digital dictation services you should have skill in typing and should be a fast typist. It is also important for your typing to be accurate. It is essential computer knowledge for this job. It is a flexible job and you can even work for other individuals beyond the office hours. A transcriptionist also makes an efficient use of language arts and a research. The professional is responsible for understanding the meaning behind the words that are used in a conversation. This job also done requires the skills of literacy. These are used in meetings and sessions.